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Buying a home using a Buyer's Agent

  1. At the Buyer Counseling session you will ask any questions you have about me, my company and the services I offer. I will find out what type(s) of home you are looking for, what amenities in the home that you “must have”, what amenities in the home you would “like to have”, what town(s) you want to live in, when you want to be in your new home, if you have a home to sell first, if you are pre-approved for a mortgage, etc… If you don’t have a pre-approval letter from a lender I will request that you go out and get one. I will also provide you with a list of recommended lenders.

  2. I will explain Buyer’s Agency to you. Think of Buyer’s Agency as Free Concierge Service for the homebuyer. As I buyer’s agent, I’m working for you, not the seller of the property.

  3. At the Buyer Counseling session, I will run a search of the Multiple Listing Service computer and provide you with a complete list of all homes (with addresses) that fit your requirements. If there are homes you may have an interest in, we can schedule appointments to review those homes at that time.

  4. I will set you up on my website – Please note that my website contains very powerful search tools. The website allows you to perform all types of home searches. (e.g., search for all 4 bedroom 2 bath Colonial style homes in Needham, Newton and Dover within a price range of 500,000 to 700,000). The information generated comes directly for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the information from MLS is downloaded to my site every 10 minutes.

  5. My website will send you (and me) a daily e-mail with all new home listings (and price changes) for the towns you are looking in and the price range you establish. Please note that you will receive the property addresses and also please note that you will receive the same information that I receive.

  6. You and I will review the daily e-mails and the corresponding links to the details of the homes. If you find a home that you may have an interest in, you can either drive by the home to see if you like the home (recommended) and the area or you can immediately contact me via phone or e-mail. I will answer any questions you have and then schedule an appointment to view the property with you.

  7. If you see a “For Sale” sign on a house (FSBO – For Sale By Owner), an ad in the paper or see a house listing from another website and you would like to view that home, please contact me and I will make the arrangements for you and me to view the home. You will only see homes that you want to see, not the homes I want you to see.

  8. If you like a property and want to make an offer on it, I will first produce a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) for you. This CMA will compare the property you like with similar homes in the area. I will compare homes that are currently for sale along with homes that have recently been sold. The information provided to you in the CMA is meaningful because it will tell you if the home you like is priced fairly.

  9. I will provide you with information about the town and point you to websites that you should review (e.g., schools, police, etc…).

  10. I will sit down with you and structure an offer on the home. Please note that an offer is composed not only of price but of terms as well. Both the price and the terms (e.g., date for closing, inspections, financing, etc…) should be treated equally when structuring an offer.

  11. The first document I will create with you is the Offer to Purchase. Included in this document is the price you want to pay for the home, the amount of the deposit to be included with the offer, how long the offer is valid for, when you want to sign the Purchase and Sale document, the amount you will be putting down with the Purchase and Sale document, when you want to take ownership of the house and any special provisions you want included. Special provisions can mean anything. They might be that you want to include the swing set in the purchase or that you want the refrigerator or might even be that you don’t want the shed included, etc….

  12. The second form that is used in the offer is the Contingency document. Two (2) main contingencies are listed in this document – home inspection & mortgage contingency.

  13. Even though the home inspection is optional – I say that the home inspection is required. Why would you spend all that money on a home and not have it inspected. I will also provide you a list of recommended home inspectors (or you can use your own).

  14. The second part of the Contingency document is the mortgage contingency. The amount of the mortgage, the date the lender will provide you with a final approval and the date you have to have all of your paperwork into the lender’s office are all defined here. I will also provide you a list of recommended lenders (or you can use your own).

  15. I will present the offer to the seller and the seller’s agent. Please note that you will not have to meet with the seller. Also, please note that I have a fiduciary responsibility to you and will work as hard as possible to get you the best price with the best terms.

  16. Once the offer is accepted, the wheels are put in motion to get the home inspected and to get the financing in place. I will work with you, the home inspector and the lenders to make sure all of this happens in a timely manner.

  17. I will meet you and the home inspector at the home.

  18. I will answer any questions from the lender and will provide a Competitive Market Analysis to the appraiser so the lender will know the home has been priced fairly.

  19. I will keep you informed of the market conditions that may affect the price of the home.

  20. I will optionally create the first draft version of the Purchase and Sale (P&S) and send that document to your attorney as well as the seller's attorney. Please note however, that most attorneys’ want to create the first draft of the P&S.

  21. I will provide you with a list of recommended attorney’s (or you can use your own attorney).

  22. I will provide you with consulting services throughout the entire home buying process.

  23. I will work with the listing broker to make sure that there is a smoke detector certificate ready for the closing. This is required for every closing in Massachusetts.

  24. I will work with the listing broker to make sure the Water Department is contacted and that a final water bill is ready for the closing. This is required at the closing.

  25. I will be in constant contact with you and the other agent to make sure that the transaction is conducted in as smooth a manner as possible.

  26. I will be in contact with your attorney, the seller’s attorney and the closing attorney to finalize the closing.

  27. In general, I will be your advocate throughout the entire process and make sure that everything is taken care of for you.

  28. I will not forget about you after the closing. You can call and/or email me at any time and don’t be surprised if I stop in on you on occasion!!!



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