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Marketing Plan for Selling Your Home

  1. I will prepare a written Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of comparable properties to help set the correct price of your home. This market analysis will consist of homes that have recently sold in your town and also will include homes that are currently on the market.

  2. I will schedule and conduct Broker Open House (also called “the caravan”) so that all agents in the town and surrounding areas can preview the home for their buyers.

  3. I will schedule and conduct a Public Open House. Most Public Open Houses are scheduled for Sunday’s but we are not limited to that day. I would also want to try out a Saturday Open House in addition to Sunday and may also try weeknight open houses (during Spring and Summer).

  4. I will place an attractive For Sale sign on the property.

  5. I will install a lockbox on one of the doors. You would give me a key to the house and that key would reside in this secure lockbox. Please note that this is totally optional. The benefit of using a lockbox is that if an agent wants to show the home to a buyer and I am busy working on another task for you, it allows the other agent to show your home. It is very secure in that only agents will be given the combination.

  6. If you decide against using the lockbox, I will personally show the home to every buyer and agent who asks to see the home. The procedure would be that I get a call from a buyer and/or agent who will ask to see the home. They will give me a time that is convenient to them. I would then call you up to see if that time is good for you. If it were a good time for you, I’d call the buyer and/or agent back and meet them at the house. I’d then show them your home. If the time was not convenient for you, I’d ask what time was good for you and then I’d call the buyer and/or agent back to give them the new time. I’d then meet them at the house and show them your home. You will never have to speak with another agent or a buyer. I will talk to them directly.

  7. I will contact all of the qualified buyers on my books. I currently have over 500 buyers in my website that are looking for homes. I will contact every one of them that has an interest in your type of property and tell them about your home.

  8. I will make an announcement in local offices that I have a great new listing. Every agent who works in those offices will know about your home being for sale.

  9. I will take photographs of the inside and outside of your home and place those photos in MLS, my website –, plus Please note that once a listing goes into MLS, hundreds if not thousands of websites will capture that information.

  10. I will prepare Listing “beauty” Sheets to be placed in your home and given to buyers. These “beauty” sheets will have a picture of your home as well as other pertinent information about your home.

  11. I will list your property in the Greater Boston Multiple Listing Service (MLS) thus making the home available to the thousands of agent who subscribe to MLS.

  12. I will keep you informed of the market conditions that may affect the sale of your home.

  13. I will assist you with filling out the Property Transfer Notification Certification form (also know as the Lead Paint disclosure). I will also provide you with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program brochure.

  14. I will suggest highlights to make your property more saleable. If any of these suggestions involve work that can be done by a tradesperson, I will suggest a tradesperson to use.

  15. I will provide pre-approval mortgage services through cooperating mortgage lenders to perspective buyers.

  16. I will take offers from buyers and other agents and present those offers to you. I will explain these offer documents to you. These documents include the "Offer to Purchase", "Agency Disclosure", "Pre-approval" and any "Contingency documents".

  17. I will negotiate all offers on your behalf. I have a fiduciary responsibility to you and will work as hard as possible to get you the best price with the best terms.

  18. I will optionally create the first draft version of the Purchase and Sale (P&S) and send that document to your attorney as well as the buyer's attorney. Please note however, that most attorneys’ want to create the first draft of the P&S.

  19. I will meet the home inspector and buyers at your home when the home is inspected.

  20. I will meet the lender’s appraiser at your home and prepare a Competitive Market Analysis for them so the lender will know the home has been priced fairly.

  21. I will provide you with a list of recommended attorney’s (or you can use your own attorney).

  22. I will provide consulting services to you throughout the entire home selling process from the time your home is listed to the time of the closing.

  23. I will work with the local Fire Department to obtain the smoke detector/carbon monoxide certificate that is required for every closing in Massachusetts.

  24. I will work with your condo association to obtain the 6D certificate that is required for every condo closing in Massachusetts. (6D states your condo fee is paid up to date.)

  25. I will work with the local Water Department to obtain the final water bill that is required at the closing.

  26. I will be in constant contact with you and if applicable, the other agent to make sure that the transaction is conducted in as smooth a manner as possible.

  27. I will be in contact with your attorney, the buyer’s attorney and the closing attorney to finalize the closing.

  28. In general, I will be your advocate throughout the entire process and make sure that everything is taken care of for you.

  29. I will not forget about you after the closing. You can call and/or email me at any time and don’t be surprised if I stop in on you on occasion!!!




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